Online entries open on 6th January
£20.00 (Early Bird)
£25.00 from 1st Feb.
£30.00 from 1st May.

There is a reduction of £2.00 for anyone affiliated to Uk Athletics or TRA.
Entry limited to 400, no entries on the day.

11.00am - Please allow sufficient time for registration which will close 10 minutes prior to the start time.

There is ample stewarded car parking available adjacent to the event HQ

From 08.30am, registration closes at 10.50am - it will be busy! Come early and enjoy free tea/coffee and biscuits.

Race Numbers & Si Cards - Will be issued on the day. Race numbers must be worn on the chest, not cut down and be visible to Marshals.

Briefing notes will be sent to all participants by email. It is the responsibility of all participants to make sure the briefing notes are read and understood. Any clarification can be requested by email or in person at the registration. Any last minute changes to the route, the race will be announced on the day in a pre race briefing, approx. 5 minutes before the start of the event.

Flagged throughout the entire route.

There are a total of 4 manned checkpoints on the route.

There will be a Marshal at Grass Wood Lane, Conistone, Kilnsey and also Threshfield to assist with crossing the road. Please follow the highway code when approaching the road.

Free tea and biscuits are provided at the start and water is available at all manned checkpoints, please bring your own container to fill. A full range of snacks and meals can be purchased at the finish.

Ladies and Gentlemen's changing rooms available with hot showers, please bring your own towels. There is a lounge and dining area, food and full bar facilities will operate throughout the day.

Everyone completing the race will receive a Wharfedale Trail Half Marathon "Race memento" plus a chance to win some of the £900 in Prizes which will be awarded in the usual age categories (male & female) plus an additional prize if the Course records are broken, £100 (Male) & £300 (Female)in 2023 (the course record prize money increases from £100 each year to a maximum of £300, if the prize is won the prize drops back down). A number of "spot prizes" may also be awarded to those who do not win a prize in any other category.

Prize List - Male & Female: First £100 * Second £50 * Third £30 * Fourth £20 * Fifth £10 - New Course Record £300 & £100. Winners of 8 age categories (5 year age groups) £15 each. First Local (BD23/24) £15.

Course Records: Male 1 Hour 23.09 set by Chris Holdsworth (2022), Female 1 Hour 35.36 set by Zanthe Wray (2019).

Route Map - Ordnance Survey Outdoor Leisure Series No.2 The route is flagged throughout the entire course (white flags) and a team of "sweepers" will follow the event. Route - START: Wharfedale RUFC: GR 990643 - Leave the Clubhouse via Wharfeside Avenue towards Grassington, cross over River Wharfe Bridge to: GR 998639 Follow footpath to Grass Wood Lane, cross road (Marshalled) and follow lane up to Town Head Farm. Turn right to follow diverted route of Dalesway (signposted) around Town Head Farm; continue along Dalesway to Scott Gate Lane: CHECKPOINT GR 992682 (Water available) Turn left and follow Scott Gate Lane downhill into Conistone Village; follow unclassified road over Conistone Bridge to it's junction with the B6160 opposite Kilnsey Village Hall: GR 976675 Turn left along the B6160 (Marshals will be in attendance to assist with road safety) turn right after aproximately 60 yards near Bow Bridge, along a farm track; follow the finger pointer sign over a stone footbridge to it's junction with Mastiles Lane: GR 968673 (care should be taken on the loose and uneven surface of the farm track and Mastiles Lane) Climb Mastiles Lane to it's highest point and continue downhill through Mastiles Gate: GR 944662 Continue along Mastiles Lane to pointer sign: CHECKPOINT: GR 935657 (water available) turn left, following the footpath to Boardley Green Farm: GR 943650 through farmyard to metalled road turn right on to footpath Follow the footpath, turn right onto bridle path to:Higher Heights Holes CHECKPOINT GR 958647 (Water available) Cross Boss Moor to gateway and: CHECKPOINT GR957633 (Water available). Pass through the gateway, turn left and follow footpath across Threshfield Moor and via Lane House to Skirethorns to B6160 GR 989638 Cross the main road (Marshalled) and follow the lane which leads past some agricultural buildings to Wharfeside Avenue and return to Clubhouse. FINISH

1. UK Athletics and The Trail Runners Association Rules for Competition shall apply to this event. See ** below
2. Entry is available to trail and fell runners of 18 years or over at 1st January 2023.
3. The Route visits 4 checkpoints within 4 hours. See ** below for Checkpoint closing times.
4. The route is defined by direction and grid references shown above and is marked with flags throughout.
5. Runners should be equipped with and prepared to carry all of the following :OS Outdoor Leisure Map Number 2, compass, whistle, waterproof whole body cover, other body cover appropriate for the weather, e.g. hat & gloves, foil survival bag, emergency food and drink. The 12 hour weather forecast will be displayed in the Clubhouse.
6. The use of any equipment that restricts hearing is forbidden.
7. Any Competitor wishing to retire must only do so at a controlled checkpoint and hand in their Si-Card to the checkpoint Marshal.
8. Dogs are not permitted on the event, without exception. This is for your safety and that of other competitors and failure to comply will lead to disqualification and exclusion from future events.
9. Runners accept that they will abide by the Countryside Code.

** Closing Times for Checkpoints:
Scott Gate Lane: 12.00pm
Mastiles Lane: 1.15pm
Higher Heights: 2.15pm
Boss Moor: 2.45pm

** I understand that this race is held in accordance, and that I have familiarised myself, with both the Rules and Safety Requirements of UK Athletics, the Fell Runners Association and the Trail Runners Association. I confirm that I am aware of the Organiser's information and requirements in connection with this race including the cut-off times. I confirm that I have the level of fitness appropriate for this race and will carry throughout the race any equipment specified either by the UK Athletics , Fell Runners Association & Trail Runners Association Safety Requirements or by the organiser. I accept the hazards involved in trail/fell running and acknowledge that I am entering and running this race at my own risk. Other than the Organiser's liability for causing death or injury by negligence, I confirm that I understand that the Organiser, UK Athletics, Fell Runners Association & Trail Runners Association accepts no liability to me for any loss or damage of any nature to me or my property arising out of my participation in this race and by entering on-line via Si Entries I accept these terms and conditions.



The Event is conducted under UK Athletics and the Trail Runners Association Rules for Competition

(Permit No.TBC).