Start Wharfedale RUFC: GR 990643
GR 992682
GR 935657
GR 958647
GR 957633
Finish Wharfedale RUFC: GR 990643

START: Wharfedale RUFC: GR 990643 - Leave the Clubhouse via Wharfeside Avenue towards Grassington, cross over River Wharfe Bridge to: GR 998639 Follow footpath to Grass Wood Lane, cross road (Marshalled) and follow lane up to Town Head Farm. Turn right to follow diverted route of Dalesway (signposted) around Town Head Farm; continue along Dalesway to Scott Gate Lane: CHECKPOINT GR 992682 (Water available) Turn left and follow Scott Gate Lane downhill into Conistone Village; follow unclassified road over Conistone Bridge to it's junction with the B6160 opposite Kilnsey Village Hall: GR 976675 Turn left along the B6160 (Marshals will be in attendance to assist with road safety) turn right after aproximately 60 yards near Bow Bridge, along a farm track; follow the finger pointer sign over a stone footbridge to it's junction with Mastiles Lane: GR 968673 (care should be taken on the loose and uneven surface of the farm track and Mastiles Lane) Climb Mastiles Lane to it's highest point and continue downhill through Mastiles Gate: GR 944662 Continue along Mastiles Lane to pointer sign: CHECKPOINT: GR 935657 (water available) turn left, following the footpath to Boardley Green Farm: GR 943650 through farmyard to metalled road turn right on to footpath Follow the footpath, turn right onto bridle path to:Higher Heights Holes CHECKPOINT GR 958647 (Water available) Cross Boss Moor to gateway and: CHECKPOINT GR957633 (Water available). Pass through the gateway, turn left and follow footpath across Threshfield Moor and via Lane House to Skirethorns to B6160 GR 989638 Cross the main road (Marshalled) and follow the lane which leads past some agricultural buildings to Wharfeside Avenue and return to Clubhouse. FINISH